What it Means to have a “Truly” Connected Home

January 8, 2014

This year at CES, there’s a lot of buzz around the “Internet of Things” and the “Connected Home.” The big guys are dropping announcements that detail how they’re playing in this hot space and some new start-up point solutions are jumping into the fray, using the show to broaden visibility. It’s exciting to see so much attention paid to what we at Control4 have known all along—the home automation space and the connected home are not a fluffy futuristic promise, but a grounded reality that consumers are embracing and investing in today.
Our show news demonstrates in a big, bold way that home automation is going mainstream. Today, we announced that Control4 is working with the industry’s leading device manufacturers from around the globe—60 so far—to make integration with a Control4 system seamless.  For consumers, this means they can know with certainty and confidence that their favorite branded products will simply work with Control4, either in their systems today or as they add products to their system in the future. 
For manufacturers, our Simple Device Discovery Protocol software (SDDP) makes it easy to identify and integrate a device and connect it to a Control4 system, allowing for "automation-ready" solutions. This year alone, hundreds of different products will ship with Control4-embedded software. Brands like Dish Network, Bang & Olufsen, TiVo, HARMAN, Epson, Denon, Bose, Integra, Marantz, Onkyo, Pioneer, Sharp, Sony, Roku, Toshiba, Yamaha and more are embracing Control4 SDDP technology, proving that 1)automation is a key component to the connected home, and 2)Control4 is the leading provider in this space.
Control4 provides an open platform that can connect thousands of different devices in the home safely and securely, allowing for true personalization of what homeowners want to control and automate in the house.  Home automation is not one app to turn off one light, a different app to set the thermostat and another app to arm your security system. Home automation is hitting an “Away” button on a Control4 Keypad as you leave the house and your garage door closes, the exterior doors lock, the security system arms, the lights turn off and the thermostat lowers the heat into energy savings mode.  It’s programming all aspects of your home to act in a way that matches your lifestyle and your family’s needs.  It’s a personalized system that’s customized for YOU.  That’s what makes a truly smart and connected home.   
With an ever-expanding ecosystem of high-profile, SDDP-enabled consumer device manufacturers, plus a network of over 7,500 Control4-enabled devices, backed by a global channel of over 3,000 professionally trained integrators and installers, Control4 aims to consistently deliver an exceptional connected home experience to customers worldwide.  And today, the world’s leading brands in consumer electronics, lighting, security and HVAC are partnering with us to make it so.