2013 Recap: Some of Our Favorite Customer Projects

January 1, 2014

As 2013 comes to an end, we wanted to take a look back at some of our favorite video projects from the past year. We have had the joy of experiencing some pretty amazing places with some incredible Control4 customers. Their stories have been interesting, heartfelt, or just plain kooky—but all of them have been theirs—simply one-of-a-kind—and their home automation systems have been built to complement their individual lifestyles. Feel free to travel with us down memory lane...

An Artistic, Automated Bachelor Pad
Everything about this cool pad is unique; from the urban art—or as the homeowner calls it, “twisted art”—to the purple velvet sofa in the home theater, complete with rumble pads for use during for those intense movie scenes. The home automation system does all of the work in the background so the distinctive aesthetics of the home can take center stage.

Big, Beautiful, and Brilliant in the Bahamas
Perhaps the coolest aspect of this 10,000 square foot abode is the beautiful Yamaha Disklavier Mark III Pro grand piano that has been hooked into the whole house audio system of this smart home, so that music from the piano (live or pre-programmed) can be sent live into all any or all of the speakers in the house. Because the piano is network-aware, a virtuoso can literally play it remotely from the other side of the word, and the performance can be enjoyed in every room in the house—and even outdoors.

Automated Equestrian Center and Horse Ranch for Kids
How about a feel-good story? After fighting a battle with Cancer, Edwin Melendez had an epiphany—to build a 10-acre ranch for children with the focus of enjoying and healing in the outdoors, and allowing families to spend some great quality time together.  With fifteen horses, thirty chickens, twenty rabbits, and goats, geese and guinea pigs galore, you can imagine how this could be a youth’s paradise. And with a Control4 system to run it all, Edwin can sit back and enjoy the ride—pun intended—and channel his inner-child.

Intelligent Lighting for the Interior Designer
A good majority of our customers tell us that lighting control is their favorite aspect of their smart home. Well, for this particular customer, it’s not only something she favors, it has become a necessity. An interior designer by trade, she believes lighting is the key to highlighting the appeal of a home and each detail must be accented accordingly. And her own home is no exception. This incredible dwelling is outfitted to the nines with smart lighting, and her only regret? “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

Smart Home Solutions are a Family Affair
The great thing about home automation is that there is no cookie-cutter solution, as one customer isn’t anything like the next. And the same goes for members of the same family. Mom may not share Dad’s love for audio/video, but instead be more concerned with the energy-saving practical features a smart home system provides. For this family, Control4’s ease-of-use was a huge selling point, as even the extended family can use it quickly and easily. They even say it’s “become completely part of the fabric” of their family.