Control4 and India

December 11, 2013

When you think of India, what comes to mind?  The Taj Mahal?  Gandhi?  Tikka Masala? How about Control4 home automation?  If not, it might now.
India is home to 1.237 billion people -- yes, that is billion with a “B”!  Over the last ten years India has also gone through significant economic growth and that growth has yielded a vibrant and growing middle class.  According to estimates by the Institute for Emerging Market Studies, it is expected that India’s middle class will increase to 200 million people by the year 2020, and that by the year 2030 it will increase to 475 million people.  What this means is that by the year 2027, India is projected to have the largest middle class population in the world!  This middle class is tech savvy and hungry for technology, especially technology that can improve their lives, like the technology of Control4.
Control4 has been watching this economy and we have had dealers and projects in India for some time.
Earlier this year I traveled to India with the goal of finding the perfect location for Control4’s headquarters in India.   We found an incredible space in the iconic Bangalore World Trade Center building, which is also home to companies such as Amazon and Samsung.
Over the last few months, we have been building out the space and last Friday (December 6th) we had our grand opening, with 50+ dealers, partners and employees in attendance.
The new Control4 Bangalore office boasts a state-of-the-art training center, demo room and conference/office space for our India-based employees.  This office will provide training, technical support and sales assistance to our dealers located in India.

You may remember that several months ago we opened a similar office in Shanghai, China.  With both offices now open, we can now provide full local coverage to the Asian markets.

We are very excited about the opening of our Bangalore office and the possibility of future growth of Control4 home automation in India!

Best Regards,
Paul Williams, VP of Security & Communications Products / Support Services
Control4 Home Automation in India