Top 5 Reasons Why Home Automation Customers Love Smart Door Locks

November 26, 2013

Security and peace of mind are usually what tops the list of needs for homeowners looking to invest in a home automation system. It stands to reason that smart door locks are one of the most beneficial aspects of a home automation system. 
Here are the top five reasons our customers love having door locks incorporated into their Control4 smart homes.
1. Lock and unlock from anywhere
Forget to lock the door on your way out of town? Need to let someone in while you’re away? With 4Sight with Anywhere Access and a smart door lock, you can lock or unlock your door(s) from your phone or tablet.
2. Go key-free!
All of the Control4 compatible door locks include keypads or capacitive touch screens where you can enter your unique access code. No need to carry those keys around any longer.
3. Let the right people the right times
Now when you have visitors coming, whether it's the cable guy or visiting relatives, you can give them their own code that only works when YOU are expecting them. Is a cleaning crew supposed to arrive Tuesday at 10:00am and leave at 12:00pm? Set their access code to work only during those hours. It's easy to setup individual user codes with specific access times.
4. Keep tabs on the comings and goings 
Expecting Junior to be home by 3:00pm? Get a text message to confirm when his code is used to unlock the door. Wondering what time the teenagers got home last night? Check the history to see if they made curfew. View door lock history and get alerts when people come and go.
5. Secure your home with one touch
Tired of getting out of bed to check that the doors are locked? Put your house to sleep securely with the touch of one 'Goodnight' button. 
If you’ve been thinking about incorporating smart locks into your Control4 home automation system, chat with your dealer. Whether it is Yale, Kwikset or Baldwin, they will help you pick the very best lock for your needs and can provide insight on additional features and benefits. You’ll love the safety, convenience and peace of mind a smart lock can deliver.