10 Years Strong!

September 21, 2013

This week, Control4 celebrates its 10-year anniversary.

As many of you know, Control4 was started in 2003 by three founders and has since expanded to more than 340 employees who are working with a worldwide dealer and distributor network of thousands in more than 80 countries. Our growth is a testament to the accelerating mega-trend of the connected consumer and connected home, the skill and dedication of our employees, our expanding distribution channel and partner network, as well as the tens-of-thousands of enthusiastic homeowners experiencing our innovative solutions that enhance their daily lives.

At Control4, we are passionate about creating and delivering products and services that supplement the lifestyles of our customers – from whole home multi-room audio for the music junkie, to an ultimate home theater experience for the movie buff, to predictable operating efficiencies for the business owner. Perhaps you’re a frequent traveler who wants to tap into your home from the road using your smartphone to check cameras or adjust the lights, or you’re a parent wanting automatic notifications when your children arrive home (or fail to arrive as expected). Control4 solutions are designed to provide our customers with peace of mind and elegant simplicity, and to make their daily lives personally better. At Control4, we believe that if it’s not personalized and doesn’t make life really better, it’s not home automation. We believe that life is better when everything works together. 

Over the years, we have a built an expansive and ever-growing partner ecosystem. Working with industry leaders in home security, entertainment, energy control, lighting, shades, and many other disciplines, we have created solutions that interoperate seamlessly with everyday devices, further enhancing our consumers’ daily lives.

I want to personally extend my gratitude to you – our customers, dealers, distributors, partners, investors, and employees – for sharing in the passion of home automation and for contributing to our company’s exciting journey. We intend to spend the next ten years continuing to innovate and deliver exciting products and services – forging ahead to enhance our customers’ lives at home, at work and on the go.

Martin Plaehn
President and CEO
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