Time for a New Issue of Home Smart Home!

September 20, 2013

In this issue of Home Smart Home, we'll take you back 10 years—and one hundred years—with a view through the lens of home automation conveniences. We interviewed the three founders of Control4 to learn more about their advancements of a smart home from a decade ago, and while we're there, we asked for a read on the future, too.

In other features, we shine light on the here and now, and yes, we mean that literally in the case of our cover story—a spotlight on a Denver-based interior designer who is leveraging the latest innovations in smart and automated lighting to both highlight her artistry as well as bring some peace of mind at home.

And finally, a journey to South America serves up a few good restaurants that employ automation to enhance the dining experience, and a bachelor pad in Fort Lauderdale demonstrates how life can be "Nice & Easy" if you know how to design your dream home with the right "little" details...

Download your free virtual copy here... get the free iPad app (which also includes fun videos!) or ask for a real printed copy from your favorite authorized Control4 dealer.

We hope you enjoy!

Shanan Carney
Editor, Home Smart Home