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July 31, 2013

After numerous attempts to convince my husband to "take a hike"—in the healthy way, not the divorce way—we finally hit the beautiful Utah mountains in Big Cottonwood Canyon to enjoy the sights of Lake Mary. While we were hanging out at the lake, it dawned on us that neither of us hit our "All Off" button on the keypad on the way out of the house earlier that morning. So I quickly fired up the MyHome app on my iPhone and checked to make sure my doors were locked and the lights were turned off. Oftentimes, I will "log in" to my house and not think anything of it because Control4 Anywhere Access has now become a staple in my life. But being a mile up in the mountains gave me a whole new appreciation for this super cool feature of home control. Before, I would have suffered from anxiety until the moment we walked back through that door. Now, I don't give it another thought.

This situation got me thinking—how cool would it be to see where YOU control YOUR home? With Control4, your home is no further away than the palm of your hand. So take a hike, literally (or go on a vacation or even just to the neighbor's house...whatever!)...and share with us photos from your adventures. And please, be sure to put your best “inter-face” forward! (Meaning, take a picture of your phone showing your MyHome app in action and let us know where you were).

Share your photos with us on our Facebook page or hashtag us on Twitter (using the hashtag #C4Anywhere). We are excited to see where you control your home in your world!

MyHome App Interface