Control4 Launches a New Website Experience!

June 25, 2013

Last week, Control4 launched a complete overhaul of the website. This endeavor was several months in the making and the finished product is designed to deliver an exciting and visually stunning experience to those interested in automation.

In the newly created “Basics” section you can learn more about what automation is, what you’ll get with Control4 automation and how to get started. You can even fill out an interactive planning guide to print out and take directly to a dealer in your area. Or if you provide us with a few additional details, we can pass that information along for you. There is also a newly redesigned project gallery to help inspire and generate ideas to apply to your home or office.

The “Solutions” section dives deeper into Control4 automation solutions with examples of how to apply automation to your own space. Including more information on how automation benefits your experiences in Watch, Listen, Lighting, Security, Climate, Communication and Anywhere Access—which allows control of your system from virtually anywhere in the world—and how those solutions complement and interact with each other to provide the whole automation package.

The “Spaces” section provides a unique view of several different rooms within a home or business and how automation can enhance the look, feel and functionality of those spaces. The “Lifestyles” section allows you to self-identify with several profiles and learn about how Control4 automation can enhance your own distinct lifestyle—which is exactly what automation is intended to do.

The “Customers” section is directed towards owners of Control4 automation systems and is a valuable tool after you’ve installed Control4 products. It provides access to user manuals, how-to videos, tips on personalizing your system, new and exciting products from Control4 and links to access your MyControl4 account. And for those who have just had their system installed there is a special “New Customer” section to help get you up and running with the automated life.

This new website provides a fantastic visual experience for you to explore the life-enhancing benefits of automation. It truly is best in class. Please take some time to browse around on the new website and tell us what you think in the comments section.

Control4 Website