Speech-Enable Your Home and Expect the Unexpected!

May 12, 2013

This guest post comes to us from Ted Rosenberger, Founder & CEO, HouseLogix.

If you’ve heard about VoicePod - the new device from HouseLogix that adds voice recognition to Control4 - it's easy to imagine situations in your home where having completely "hands-free" voice control of lights, temperatures, and security could be handy.   However, since VoicePod both listens and talks, it can take your Control4 system to a whole new level.  Here are a few of the unexpected benefits of our revolutionary product:

  • INCREASED SECURITY AWARENESS.  Each night as you crawl into bed you probably push a “Good Night” button using a touch screen or keypad and assume that your standard good night actions happen. But what if the garage door doesn’t close or the security system doesn't arm?  With VoicePod, you simply say “Good Night” and if anything goes awry, your house will tell you.  VoicePod can verbally confirm each action as it happens or notify you only when something goes wrong. I’m sleeping better already!

  • SAVING BRAIN CELLS.  Quick – what is the channel number for National Geographic in hi-def? What about Cartoon Network, or ESPN2? With VoicePod you don’t have to remember TV channel numbers or spend time scrolling through mile long channel guides. You simply press the blue button on your Control4 remote. VoicePod says “Please say a channel name,” and you reply, “ESPN Two.” The TV turns on and instantly tunes to ESPN2. Want to change the channel? Press the blue button again and speak another channel name. Save your brain cells for remembering more important things.

  • MORE GREEN. Unfortunately some of the finer things in life, like spas, can cost you more green and make your home less green, in terms of energy use. With VoicePod, your home can verbally remind you of normally scheduled events that are about to happen, like heating a spa, and ask if you want that event to occur. For example, while you’re getting ready for a lunch date your house announces "Would you like to heat the spa as scheduled?" If you say "yes" or don't answer, the spa heats as normal on schedule, but you say "No" since you’ll be gone for the day - the spa doesn't heat and you save energy and money!

    Control4 Voice Recognition

  • WEATHER PREPAREDNESS. Upon awaking you say "Good morning" and while the shades open and soothing music begins to play, your house quickly checks the day’s weather forecast. If inclement weather is impending, your house alerts you and reads the full forecast to you. You haven’t even had coffee and you already know if you’ll need your raincoat!

  • INVISIBLE NANNY.  While VoicePod provides hundreds of commands that function for everyone's voice right out of the box, you can also set up custom voice commands that only work for your voice, by design. Don’t want the children messing with the thermostat or accessing the wine cellar? You can effectively put a “voice password” on these functions making them accessible only when you speak. Just don't let those clever kids secretly record you!

  • REDUCED WALL CLUTTER - Home automation systems need a lot of buttons to make things work and the more control you want, the more buttons you need. Imagine trying to use a typical 6 button keypad to control music, lights, temperatures and house scenes in a room. Most rooms need dozens of buttons or a full touch screen to effectively give you the control you want. VoicePod delivers the equivalent of hundreds of buttons in one small, discreet device (which you can even hide under a couch and use through a hidden microphone). What’s more, VoicePod can help you maximize the usefulness of the keypads you already have. Imagine pushing a single "Music" button on the wall - the room mutes and a voice says "Say type of music," you say “Rock and Roll” and that’s what plays.

  • EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE - You trip and fall and you need to get some help.  Say "Hello VoicePod" -"Emergency" and VoicePod gives you the option of calling 911 or notifying neighbors or family members by text message that you need some help.  No unfashionable necklaces, bracelets or chip implants needed!

  • MORE UNINTERRUPTED COZINESS – It’s late and you’re snug in bed, but you’d like to lock the door, arm the security system or turn off that outside light. No one likes to sleep with remotes and iPhones, nor fumble in the dark for controls on the night stand. With VoicePod’s COMPLETELY HANDS FREE CONTROL, you just say "Hello VoicePod" and your whole home automation system is at the tip of your tongue. Secure the house and adjust the lights, but don't budge one inch from that cozy warm spot under the covers!

By now, you’re probably imagining many other intriguing possibilities for VoicePod in your own home. Together, VoicePod and Control4 can literally transform your home into the home of the future! You definitely want to check out the new lifestyle videos on voicepod.com and contact your Control4 dealer for more information on this exciting product.