Saved By The Charge

May 1, 2013

Like most parents, I'm used to changing my fair share of batteries. We buy Costco-sized packages of all shapes and sizes of batteries and go through them at an alarming rate. The amount of time and money I spend changing batteries is almost as unnerving as the vision I have of all of those worthless, metallic cylinders rotting in a landfill, leaking toxic chemicals into the groundwater.

While I have never personally had an issue with the battery life of my Control4 remotes, thanks to Murphy's Law or my bad luck, the batteries miraculously croaked right before the Miami game with a house full of rabid Heat fans hopped up on sliders and nachos.

So I ran to the closet for replacements and, of course, I'm out of double-A's. Curse you, obnoxious children's toys!  After about 10 minutes tracking down the proper battery-operated device from which to harvest functioning batteries, we were back in business. Needless to say, when I heard that Control4 now has a recharging station for its SR-250 and SR-150 system remotes, I was thrilled. Not only can I reserve those precious AA batteries for my kids' toys and maybe a flashlight or two, but I can also rest assured that whether we're entertaining for the championship game or a red carpet awards show, my remotes will be ready to control everything. Control4 Remote Charging Station