Keycaps Your Way. Don't Worry, We Don't Judge.

March 29, 2013

The best thing about Control4 is that you can customize your home to fit your lifestyle. The best thing about Control4 Keypads is that you can activate that customization instantly with the simple push of a button. But the best thing about Control4 Keycaps? That they truly personalize that automation experience. Have I lost you yet? Hang in with me here.

I reached out to dealers and customers on our Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as our internal Keycap group here to find out what are some of the most common, the most unusual, and the keycaps they’ve come across. Check out how some people have personalized their keycaps to fit within their daily routines and benefit their lifestyles. Some are pretty self-explanatory. Others, well, I'd be very intrigued (and slightly unnerved) to know what they do when pressed.

Some of the most commonly engraved keycaps displayed above:


Here are some that are a bit more uncommon (and some of our favorites):

COntrol4 keycaps

And the ones that we have found rather interesting. I'm sure that the "STRIPPER POLE" button must be used strictly for the recent exercise fad, right? ;)

Interesting Keycaps

And last but not least -- David Acton, our Product Marketing Manager, had this keycap turn up on his desk. Gotta have more Cowbell!