Vibrant Linear Lighting

Vibrant Linear Lighting solution shines new light on the potential of any space. Fully integrated temperature, color, and brightness elevate an environment into an automated personal experience.

Vibrant Linear Lighting
Beyond the Bulb

The Multi-Dimensional Lighting Advantage

The Vibrant Linear Lighting system offers a premium light diffusion experience by integrating LED strips and aluminum extrusions. Felt more than it is seen, linear lighting from Vibrant enhances ambiance by erasing harsh shadows and highlighting the architectural elements of a space. Consider adding this accent layer of lighting to your design plans.

Linear lighting by Vibrant infuses a space that once fell flat or lacked functionality with a new, fully personalized dimensionality.

Bespoke Ambiance

Vibrant Linear Lighting solutions can be used in both commercial and residential spaces. A skillful design layout coupled with your preferred automated colors, hues, and temperatures can inspire upbeat enthusiasm as effectively as conjuring a sense of peace. Any well-being setting is just a few simple steps away.

Dynamic Lighting

Beyond the bulb lies the opportunity to enable lighting experiences that support lifestyle choices and the functionality of a space. Vibrant Linear Lighting provides capabilities that simple dimmers cannot.

Add splashes of color for a celebratory touch or automate the subtle and incremental sun transitions, with warm to cool temperatures of white ambient light for Circadian alignment.

Sophisticated Components

To ensure the quality of Vibrant Linear Lighting, Control4 tapped an industry-leading manufacturing partner with over 35 years of celebrated experience. Vibrant Linear Lighting offers only high-end, single bin, temperature-validated diodes within this line-up. With a 90+ rating from the color rendering index, the Vibrant Linear Lighting solution allows for the most authentic shades of colors to permeate any space.

Thoughtfully Versatile

Vibrant Linear Lighting is highly adaptable, friendly to most surfaces, and easy to install. Even tight spaces with shallow clearance will accommodate 12mm wide extrusion mounts, allowing light to permeate areas that once felt too out of reach. The easy-to-mount aluminum extrusions dissipate heat and diffuse light through a frosted glass lens.

As a thoughtfully developed accent lighting solution, Vibrant Linear Lighting offers seamless Control4 integration through phase dimming, DMX and DALI compatibility, and with the new Zigbee Control Module.

  • Vibrant Linear Lighting – Fixed Color LEDs: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K
  • Vibrant Linear Lighting – Fixed Color Diffusing LEDs: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K
  • Vibrant Linear Lighting – Warm Dimming, and Fully Tunable White LEDs
  • Vibrant Linear Lighting – RGBW, and RGBTW LEDs
  • Vibrant Linear Lighting – Outdoor Fixed (2700K, 3000K, 4000K), and Outdoor RGBW LEDs

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