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Control4 Announces New Panelized Lighting Solution

Home and business owners can direct complex lighting events from elegant user interfaces while the system is centralized “behind the scenes”

Indianapolis, IN – CEDIA Expo 2011 – September 8-10, 2011 – Booth #2302 – Control4, a leader in IP-based home control systems, today announced the new Control4® Panelized Lighting Solution. Panelized lighting systems enable complete control over whole-home and commercial lighting systems using sophisticated keypad and touch screen interfaces, rather than a collection of light switches on every wall.

The Control4 Panelized Lighting Solution is Ethernet-based, providing simple and robust communications from the home controller or Control4 Touch Screen to the light. The Control4 Panelized Lighting Solution is also one of the first centralized lighting systems to offer energy monitoring capability for each load, which allows energy management applications to monitor and control individual lights. This empowers high-end customers to enjoy the privileges of whole-home lighting control while still being energy conscious.

“Having a high-performance Ethernet-based panelized lighting control solution that also provides energy monitoring capabilities once again puts Control4 at the forefront of offering affordable, next generation, easy-to-install control solutions to our customers,” said Will West, Control4’s CEO. “Control4 Panelized Lighting gives our global dealer base a solution that offers their discerning clients a compelling and satisfying lighting experience.”

Featuring an elegant design and architecture, the Control4 Panelized Lighting Solution is ideal for large residential or light commercial new construction or major remodeling projects. Because it replaces multiple light switches on the wall with a single keypad, the solution is especially appealing to architects, interior designers, and clients who demand a more elegant and visually appealing way to add lighting control without negatively impacting the design of home or office.

Control4 Dealers will find the Panelized Lighting Solution easy to install and configure. Dealers can create the same programs and scenes, network settings and load profiles in Control4® Composer as with Control4’s current lighting solutions. The solution includes:

• Control4® Panelized Lighting 8-Channel Dimmer (C4-DIN-8DIM-E)
• Control4® Panelized Lighting 8-Channel Relay (C4-DIN-8REL-E)
• Control4® Panelized Lighting Ethernet Switch (C4-DIN-8ESW-E)
• Control4® Small Panelized Lighting Cabinet (C4-DIN-5PAN, NA only)
• Control4® Large Panelized Lighting Cabinet (C4-DIN-2PAN, NA only)

As part of the growing global Control4 lighting solution line, Control4 recently announced Control4® Puck Lighting (240V), a Control4 smart switch and dimmer solution that works with third-party keypads for a nearly infinite range of design options and full control capability in 240V markets.

The system can operate from 120V to 277V allowing it to operate worldwide in commercial and residential applications. The Control4 Panelized Lighting Solution is currently projected to ship in Q1 of 2012. Control4 is not announcing pricing at this time but will maintain its competitive position in the industry.

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