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Each and every one of us is an ambassador of the Control4 brand as employees and individuals. We ALL deliver on our brand promise every time we ship a product, answer the phone, give that little extra to create more value. Thank you for your efforts to present a consistent, strong brand voice!

Branding Guidelines

Refer to the Control4 Branding Guidelines for a comprehensive review of the Control4 brand messaging, logo use and imagery.

Download Branding Guidelines


For use of the Control4 registered logo, please follow the branding guidelines below. Authorized Dealer and Distributor marks can be found on the resources page of the dealer portal under photos and logos.

  • For presentations and online—low-resolution RGB .jpg file
  • Large format, high-res print—Illustrator 10 RGB/CMYK .eps file. You must have a program capable of viewing EPS files in order to use this file.
  • For printing—high-resolution CMYK .jpg file
  • For web usage—200 pixel wide with transparent background, RGB
Download Control4 Logo


Montserrat is the official font family of Control4 and must be used for all marketing communications. Montserrat is also the corporate font for all internal communication including Word documents and PowerPoint presentations. Please adjust your Word docs and PPTs to use Montserrat as the default. Download Montserrat along with instructions for installing here.

Connects With Control4

The Connects with Control4 partner program enables device manufacturers to easily participate in the ever growing Control4 ecosystem of compatible products. Furthermore, the Connects with Control4 helps dealers and customers identify products that are compatible with the Control4 automation platform. Connects with Control4 logo artwork and usage guidelines are below. Also below are guidelines for manufacturers and driver developers to create QR codes to be associated with device drivers.

Business Cards

Business cards are ordered on the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month in quantities of 250 cards. Cards typically take about a week between the time of ordering and delivery. Please order your cards in a timely manner in order to avoid rush fees. When you are out of cards and ready to re-order or need to update information please follow the steps below:

  • Submit a purchase request to finance for approximately $45
  • Mail the approved purchase request along with your PO# to [email protected] along with the updated information you would like on your business cards. Please include the following information if applicable:
  • Firstname Lastname
  • title: Director
  • email: [email protected]
  • mobile: +1 801.555.5555
  • office: +1 801.555.5555
  • fax: +1 801.555.5555

Email Signature

There are four approved options from which to choose as your corporate email signature. While you may include additional contact information, you cannot alter or adjust the order of the components or the presentation of the logo(s). We are all ambassadors of the Control4 brand and using these approved email signatures ensures that our corporate image is displayed in a consistent and professional manner.

Check out the pdf document for all four options.

Corporate Email Signatures Guidelines Corporate Email Logos Files


Email [email protected]

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