Now Available – 3.3.0

By Guest | Posted June 28, 2022

Color Outside the Lines 
Our operating system is even better with 3.3.0! We’ve got fresh updates available to your Control4 system, so keep reading for a preview of all the exciting new features that just came out of Control4 HQ. 
Set the Mood, Control the Ambiance 
Are you ready to illuminate your life in immersive color — and change it with a touch — built into the interface you already know and love? Control4 is adding built-in color control for LED lighting in the OS 3.3.0 update!  
You’ll be able to dial up the drama with a full spectrum of vivid lighting and take the new built-in color wheel for a spin! Experience a rainbow of illumination that easily changes to fit or create any mood. Favorite colors can be saved as presets for instant enjoyment, and full color scenes can be created for single-touch, whole-home execution.   
Control4 0S 3.3.0 is available now. Contact your Control4 Smart Home Pro to schedule your update! While you’re at it, keep reading to learn more about current updates to the mobile Control4 experience. 
Better, faster, and sooner 
Life is too short to wait, which is why we have worked to bring you snappier connections to your home while you are away. Available immediately, faster remote connections for the Control4 App let you connect remotely to your system just as quickly as you can when you’re right there! Update your Control4 App for iOS or Android to the latest version to take advantage of the faster speeds! 
Favorites at Your Fingertips 
Also already available, the Control4 App now supports the Apple Watch with the latest app update! Your selected Favorites will now appear on the Apple Watch for easy access to the media and devices you use the most. Accessible, one-touch controls on your wrist make your home more convenient and easier to use than ever before.   
How Do I?  
With all these new features, and everything else Control4 could already do, it's hard to remember how to take full advantage of your system. We’ve got brand-new videos that quickly (in less than 2 minutes!) show you ways you can interact with or customize your Control4 Smart Home. From uploading custom backgrounds to Favoriting devices, sharing media, and more – we'll show you how to use your system like a pro! Watch and learn from the multi-part series and keep an eye out for new videos as we add new features.  Watch Now: 
For customers running OS 3.2.4+, your Control4 Professional can add our new Customer Assistance buttons to your touchscreens and Control4 Apps for easy access to helpful information:  
  • How Do I?: this button takes you to all the 'How Do I' videos 
  • Troubleshoot: this button provides access to the helpful guides and walkthroughs on  
  • Contact Dealer: if the videos and guides didn't resolve your concern, pressing this button would message your Control4 Professional to contact you for assistance, or to schedule an appointment 
There's even a How Do I video for the How Do I button:, and a video for the Troubleshoot button: too!