Enhance Your Control4 Home with 4Sight

By Christine Hunsaker | Posted January 30, 2022

What is 4Sight? 

Don’t have 4Sight or don’t know what it is? Here’s a quick overview of everything you get when you sign up for an annual 4Sight subscription. Keep reading for more about this amazing system that allows Control4 system owners to keep an eye on their home or business even while they’re away, all in one convenient place!


Remote Access 
Connect to and control your home—anytime, anywhere—using the Control4 app. View cameras, unlock the front door, turn lights on or off, and more. Over the next couple of months, we will be rolling out several improvements delivering up to a 45% reduction in remote connection times through 4Sight. Watch more about remote access here. 


When >> Then Personalization 

Fine-tune your system’s professional installation with When >> Then personalization to tailor your programming to your needs, from adjustments to lighting, playlists, and more. Watch more about When >> Then here. 


Voice Control 

Use your voice assistant to make hands-free adjustments to your home, from comfort, lighting, or skipping a song on your playlist. Dive deeper into voice control for your Control4 Smart Home here. 


Notifications and Alerts 

Customize your personalized push notifications so that your house can alert you to the happenings at home you want to be aware of – from the garage door being left open, an open door, or even a water leak. 


Apple Watch 

Enjoy peace of mind at your fingertips! Control your home right from your wrist using your Apple Watch with convenient alerts and notifications.  


Pricing update 

Control4 has adopted a general pricing increase, which will also affect 4Sight pricing, effective February 1, 2022. We appreciate your understanding that this price increase allows us to continue bringing you quality products and the best in smart home innovation with our continued investment into delivering new and exciting product features and updates. The new price for an annual 4Sight subscription is $120*. 


Get 4Sight for your home today! Connect to your Control4 customer account to start using 4Sight by downloading and signing up through the Control4 mobile app for iOS or Android, through the Control4 Customer Portal, or by contacting your Dealer!  

*$120/year is in US dollar. If you are in another country, the price will be equivalent to $120 USD in your local currency.

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