By Jamie Corpuz | Posted April 1, 2020

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has caused dramatic and sudden changes to all our lives, including required social distancing and quarantine measures. Our Control4 Smart Home Professionals are dedicated to supporting our customers with many proactive and critical measures to maintain your safety and wellbeing while providing essential services in your homes and businesses. 
We understand that in a time like this, security and network bandwidth are fundamental. In this new work-from-home world, and kids online school activities and consistent online streaming taxing your WiFi traffic, you need a network that can keep up. And, for business owners who are temporarily away from the office, you may want to add a security system, lights, locks, and cameras and then have the ability to check on them remotely from home.
Here are some of the ways our professionals are helping to keep consumers safe in the midst of these challenging times:
“Our field technicians play a critical role in the installation and repair of our services for hundreds of businesses and consumers. While their mission is essential to keep our customers connected, we also recognize that there is a balance between providing service and keeping our technicians and clients safe. To accomplish that balance, we have provided our technicians with new policies and procedures, so they feel comfortable serving customers at their businesses and in their homes, while still delivering on our commitment to service. Right now, we’re prioritizing essential repairs and service of security, cameras, and networking systems.”

 Pat Mulligan, VP
Pacific Audio & Communications 
Hawaiian Islands

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“We’ve stocked up on surgical gloves, hand sanitizer, and anti-viral wipes and have a ‘10 people or less’ provision in place. Any project site we go into, we make sure we are abiding by those rules. We have reduced our time in the field to a maximum of 3 days per week and we wash every 30 minutes (even on new construction projects where we are spending most of our time/energy). If we are entering into an inhabited home, we ask the client to fill out a document agreeing to stay at least 6 feet away at all times and ensure that they have followed the appropriate guidelines.” 

 Jeremy Rasti, Owner
Crescendo AAV
Baton Rouge, LA

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“We created a document that outlines exactly what we’re doing to protect our customers. Our team uses it to inform homeowners of the precautions we’re taking. We also have it posted on our social media channels/blog and available on our website. The key highlights are focused around hygiene recommendations from the CDC. We also have someone delegated from our staff to provide all of our team members with local and community updates from the government, twice a day.”
Aaron Cowden, Owner
Fusion Audio Video
Greenville, SC

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 “We sent out a video to our customers, letting them know that we’re here for them and we’re consistently monitoring the situation. We talked about the steps we’re taking in the office and with our installers, and then discussed the importance of a home network, because now more than ever before, the network is absolutely vital for teleconferencing, video conferencing, online learning, and streaming.”
Bryan Naquin, Owner
Acadian Home Theater & Automation
Baton Rouge, LA

 “Right now, we’re booking pre-wire jobs which typically take place in unoccupied homes so there’s fewer people on site and separation and distance is easier. We also equip all of our vehicles with sanitizer, wipes, booties, gloves, and masks. We want our field team and our residential and commercial customers to know we care and we’re taking this seriously.”

Jim Shapiro, CEO
Audio Video Intelligence
N. Easton, MA
 If you’re already a Control4 homeowner and require some work to be done to your smart home, here are a few questions you may want to ask your smart home pro:
  • What proactive sanitary measures are you taking?
  • What can be done remotely to update/manage my system?
  • What types of things can I do myself with the When >> Then personalization tool?

Stay smart. Stay safe.
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