9 Ways Home Automation Systems Can Help Working Parents

August 12, 2015

As a parent, your first priority is certainly the safety of your kids. And if you are a working parent, the thought of your kids’ safety is sure to bother you while you’re away at work too!
If you tend to break out into a sweat every time you think of something dreadful happening to your kids while you’re away from them, you definitely need a home automation system to alleviate your fears. A home automation system is not just an essential security feature, it can do much more for you and your family.

Here are 9 ways a home automation system can help.

Put Kids to Bed and Wake Them up Easily
If you have a hard time putting kids to bed at night and getting them out of bed in the morning, home automation systems can come to the rescue. You only have to set lights to turn on and off at specific times.

Scheduling lights, the TV, and music systems to turn off around bedtime will create a calm atmosphere and help induce sleep. Additionally, setting lights to turn on in the morning will encourage kids to get out of bed. You can also set the music system to play peppy numbers to put a spring in your kids’ steps.

Installing a home automation system for scheduling lights to turn on and off is extremely beneficial to the parents who work odd hours, as it will also help kids stick to a routine.

Lock and Unlock Doors
Home automation systems give you the power to remotely unlock the door when your kids get back from school or if they lock themselves out of the house accidentally while you’re away at work. Better yet, with their own personalized codes, they can get access immediately and you can immediately receive a notification on your mobile device as they enter. And if they leave the door unlocked, you can easily lock it right up.

Monitor What’s Going on at Home
By installing security camera systems around the house, you’ll be able to keep an eye on your kids 24/7. With real-time video monitoring, you can also check if kids have left home for school or baseball practice and if they’ve come back home on time.

Increase Safety Measures
Home automation systems can be paired with monitored home security to increase the safety of your home. You can receive alerts when kids enter potentially dangerous locations like the swimming pool. If kids accidentally play with gas knobs or fire, integrating gas and smoke detectors in the home can safely prevent mishaps.

Keep Kids Away from Medicines and Poisonous Substances
Young children are very curious and tend to put everything they see in their mouths. With medicines and toxic cleaning products lying about the house, you can never be too sure of your little ones being safe. Medicines and chemicals pose a risk even if you keep them in cupboards and drawers and instruct kids to keep away from them.
One of the best things you can do is to install cabinet and door sensors on such 'high risk' areas. When tied to a home automation system, you'll be notified immediately whenever there is access to those locations.

See Who’s at the Door
You may have told your kids innumerable times not to open the door to strangers, but you probably worry about them all the same while you’re at work. Installing an exterior door station is a great idea as it helps your kids see who is at the door, gates, or entryways, without opening the door.

Get Homework Done
You can use your home automation system to create a conductive work environment. Schedule task lights to turn on and the TV, gaming consoles, music systems, and other distractions to turn off when it’s time to sit down to work on school assignments.

Set the Mood for Celebrations
With a home automation system, you can program ambient lights to turn on once homework hours are over. You can also set your music system to play your kids’ favorite songs once they get back home from school, or set the home theater to play a kid’s movie on weekends.

Save Energy
Kids that are too young to understand the importance of saving energy may leave fans, lights, and appliances on for longer than required. Using a home automation system makes it easy for you to handle all these controls with just a press of a button, no matter how far away you are from home.

Final Words
With the information provided here, you now know that a home automation system can do much more than just give you peace of mind. So quit worrying endlessly about your kids’ safety; get a home automation system installed and let it make your life stress-free!
Richard Davis is a Content Manager for A1securitycameras.com, a leading provider of security camera systems.  He is a man of many parts; apart from creating interesting well-researched content pieces, he’s also recorded music albums. Follow him on Google+.