The Hillside House

Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada

Smart Home Professionals:
Builder & Designer: Rose Barroso of Barroso Homes
Architect: Ali Malek-Zadeh
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This Hillside Home's open floor plan, high ceilings, and generously proportioned windows create a sense of spaciousness that elegantly blends the outside and inside spaces together. Located the picturesque Humbler Valley neighborhood, the house was constructed upon a former foundation to not disturb the natural ravine or number of trees located on the property. Homeowners are able to take in the views from anywhere in the home, and a Control4 technology package gives the home an intelligent design without any clutter.

PHOTOS COURTESY OF: Robert Holowka Photography & Videography Elegant entryway complete with automated audio distribution and in-ceiling speakers, connected lighting design, video intercom and touch screen, zoned security system with access in every room, and a custom home network.

Modern living room with personalized lighting and audio design, Control4 system voice control and preset switch scenes, touch screen intercom station, and HVAC system control throughout the whole home.

Inviting dining area with in-ceiling speakers, a connected multi-zoned audio/video entertainment system, lighting control, touch screen intercom station, and automated open fireplace.

Control4 has become a staple in all of Barroso Homes’ builds. We want to stand out. We want to be at the forefront of what technology has to offer. And we want to keep thinking outside of the box.

– Rose Barroso, Builder & Designer

Open kitchen features smart appliances, connected audio distribution, touch screen home control, water leak detection, and automated lighting control and design—including specialty lighting scenes for kitchen use.

Relaxing bedroom with connected audio/video entertainment control, preset and zoned lighting design, motorized blinds, touch screen intercom station, integrated on/off control of the master shower and water temperature, and voice control.

Products Used in the Project

  • Climate Control

  • Home Network

  • Home Security

  • Intercom Anywhere

  • Multi Room Audio

  • Smart Lighting

  • Voice Control

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