Lady Luck House

Etobiocke, Ontario, Canada

Smart Home Professionals: Simply Sound Solutions, Inc
Builder & Designer: Rose Barroso of Barroso Homes

One of the most definitive attributes of this beautiful home, lovingly named Lady Luck, is that it seamlessly blends together traditional styles as well as modern styles. In the mix of all that blending can be found amazing Control4 smart home technology that truly brings the home to life. Set on a gorgeous and very private lot, the home is located near the Toronto downtown. The home’s 8,300 sq ft open concept floor plan includes extremely high ceilings, a fabulous wine cellar on the main floor, and a 400+ sq ft rear covered deck with a TV an open-flame fireplace.

Grand entryway that opens into a modern living room and wine cellar complete with automated audio distribution and in-ceiling speakers, connected lighting design, voice control and preset switch scenes, video intercom and touch screen, zoned security system with access in every room, and a custom home network.

Modern kitchen with personalized lighting and audio design, Control4 system voice control, touch screen intercom station, and HVAC system control throughout the whole home.

Spacious outdoor deck with an integrated TV and universal remote for easy outdoor viewing, connected and zoned audio distribution, professional lighting design and automation, in-ceiling audio, automated open-flame fire, and exterior security cameras.

At times, home automation can be quickly disregarded by clients. But as the benefits are introduced and explained, the interest barometer rises significantly. Once they understand how home automation can add a layer of security, comfort, and convenience to their lives, it becomes clear, and they become instant enthusiasts.

– Rose Barroso, Builder & Designer

Bold entertainment room complete with integrated in-ceiling speakers, high-end AV system, keypad presets for easy home control, and custom lighting design.

Luxurious master bath with connected audio distribution, touch screen intercom station, Control4 system voice control, lighting control, and water-leak detection.

Products Used in the Project

  • Climate Control

  • Home Network

  • Home Security

  • Multi Room Audio

  • Smart Lighting

  • Universal Remote

  • Voice Control

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