Isla Mocolí Bar

Ecuador Samborondón Isla Mocolí Pacífica

Smart Home Professionals: AV Solutions
Architect: Orense Arquitectos Designers

This home bar located in beautiful Isla Mocolí Pacífica was the result of a father-and-son vision brought to life. The homeowner and his father wanted to build a breathtaking and eco-conscious home bar, using copper pipes and recycled water system accessories to create the bottle shelves. The entire home was created as a relaxing retreat, and the team at AV Solutions continued that ambiance into the bar area using smart home technology to bring a sense of ease to the space.

Cozy bar room complete with smart appliances, connected audio and video distribution, touch screen and universal remote home control, connected climate control, and custom automated lighting control and design—including specialty ceiling lighting.

Close-up on bar area with on-screen home control from television, custom automated bar lighting, and in-room security camera connected to a whole-home premium alarm system.

Products Used in the Project

  • Climate Control

  • Home Network

  • Home Security

  • Intercom Anywhere

  • Multi Room Audio

  • Smart Lighting

  • Universal Remote

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