Security basics

Your Control4 system means more than just convenience—it means safety, as well. Use your automated home to monitor and control your security system, know when doors or windows are open, monitor security cameras and video doorbells, set and monitor locks, set alerts, and even simulate occupancy while you’re away.

Note: The information in this guide applies to the latest Control4 system capabilities. Features can vary between customized installations and Control4 software releases, so contact your Smart Home Pro with any questions about available features.

Video: How Do I Arm and Disarm the Security System

To install or upgrade your system's sensors and alerts, contact your Smart Home Pro.

Accessing the Security experience

Whatever you have in your home to provide safety and security, the Security experience gives you an easy-to-use interface for arming, disarming, and controlling your security system and other security-related devices. You can send a panic alert, view the history of all logged security events, and even directly control doors, locks, and gates.

To access the Security experience:

  1. In a Room screen, select Security.

    The Security screen opens.

    • To access the security panel controls, select the security panel icon (labeled Main House on the left of the example above).

    • To access controls, user accounts, and event histories for locks, door/gate/pressure sensors, and smoke/water/movement detectors, select the Locks & Sensors icon.

    • To view and control security cameras, select the Cameras icon.