Setting up your system

Your pro may have already set up your Control4 account at and registered your controller (this is the usual case). If so, you can skip this section and go to Using the Control4 mobile app . If not, you’ll need to do the following things right away, or your system will not be fully functional.

Notes: (1) Control4 requires that you or your Smart Home Pro create a Control4 account and register your controller before you can use your system and connect to it with the Control4 app. (2) If your pro has already set up a Control4 account for you, make sure you get your login (your email address) and password from your pro for your new account. The first time you access your account at, you’ll need to accept the “Terms of Use” agreement. To get the latest information, Control4 recommends that you also accept email and other offerings from Control4.

Important: Store your Control4 account name, email address, and password along with your other homeowner records.

Set up your account

Go to My Account (see below) to log in to your personal account so your system can use the Control4 app, use streaming music services, and receive software updates. Through your Control4 account, you can also give your pro access to your account so they can maintain and update your system when needed or fix problems. Feel free to update your own account profile and other information when you need to.

To set up your account:

  1. You should have received an email from Control4 confirming your account creation. If you have not, check with your pro, who should have given you your Control4 account name, login email address, and temporary password.
  2. Write down the account name, email address, and password (above) and refer to it (as needed) to log in to your Control4 account. You’ll also need this information if you use Control4 apps on your tablet or smartphone.
  3. At, log in to your Control4 account.
  4. The first time only, accept the Terms of Use agreement to activate your account. Accept all boxes under Permissions to take full advantage of the many resources available to you, including remote access for your pro to remotely manage your system.

You’re done! Now you’re ready to use your new system!

Set up additional services

Subscribe to 4Sight

A 4Sight subscription securely cloud-enables your Control4 home, connecting you while you are away and expanding what you can do with your Control4 Smart Home. It enables powerful capabilities, including voice control, remote connectivity using smartphones and tablets, personalized automations, intercom, and more. 4Sight is available to Control4 customers at an affordable yearly price. Log in to your Control4 account at to learn more about 4Sight and subscribe.

Install the Control4 mobile app

The Control4 mobile app lets you control your system as you move around your house or business—even when you’re away from home, from anywhere in the world with internet or mobile access. Learn more

Install the Control4 Intercom Anywhere app

Your Control4 system includes intercom features that let you monitor and communicate easily with all of your intercom-compatible and mobile devices. Learn more

Set up music services

Set up access to subscribed streaming music services or to music stored in your home. Learn more

Set up voice control

Voice control lets you use vocal commands to control your smart home. Learn more about Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.