Using Google Assistant voice control

Google Assistant uses natural language recognition to understand your requests, so a wide variety of words and phrases can accomplish the same task.

Start off by speaking the usual attention phrase to your Google Assistant device (“OK Google” or “Hey Google”), then use any of the phrases below (or variations) to operate or check the status of a device.

Tip: You can also “stack” commands, for example, “Hey Google, lock the door and turn out the lights.”


  • Turn on/off [device/group/scene]
  • Turn on/off all [device type]


  • Turn up/down [dimmer] to [%]
  • Increase/decrease brightness for [dimmer]
  • Make [dimmer] brighter/dimmer by [%]
  • Brighten/dim [dimmer]
  • Set [dimmer] to [%]
  • Set brightness of [dimmer] to [%]
  • Set [dimmer] to maximum / half brightness
  • How bright is [dimmer]?
  • What is the brightness level of [dimmer]?
  • Is the [device] on?


If your home has multiple thermostats, you need to specify the thermostat name.

  • Set thermostat to [temperature] degrees
  • Set temperature to [temperature] degrees
  • Turn on [thermostat mode]
  • Set thermostat to [mode]
  • What’s the temperature of the thermostat?
  • What’s the temperature inside?
  • What is my thermostat set to?
  • What is the target temperature of the thermostat?


  • Lock [lock name]
  • Lock all locks
  • What is the status of [lock name]?
  • Is [lock name] locked/unlocked?


  • Open/close [blinds name]
  • Set [blinds name] to [%]
  • Is/are [blinds name] open/closed?

Ceiling fans

  • Turn on/off/up/down [fan name]
  • Set [fan name] to off/low/medium/medium-high/high


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