Amber Mansfield

Marketing Intern
What I do: I write, format, compile and report. All of the necessary evils.
Why I do what I do: I am studying the Marketing and Public Relations fields trying to soak up as much information and experience that I can!
If I didn’t do what I do, I’d do this instead: Work for a major sports team doing PR or being the General Manager making all the important decisions. I also would love to be a "Danette" on the Dan Patrick Show.
What makes me tick: I am lucky to have several close friends and a crazy family that keep me grounded…a good vodka tonic (or two) also helps.
What makes me “talk”: Sports! I love watching sports and, like any other sappy girl, I cry when watching a big win (which is appropriate for a St. Louis Rams fan) or a touching athlete story.
I geek out about: NFL… I listen, watch, read NFL all year. If you want a girl to kick your trash at fantasy football, give me a call.
I want the world to know: You will not get a better Diet Coke than one from McDonalds. It tastes like it was poured off an angel’s wings.

​Gettin’ My Game On!

Posted September 9, 2015

As much as I love to watch football games in person, the best alternative is watching them from the comfort of your couch with friends and family in front of a big TV, sporting your team colors as the surround sound blares. And in a Control4 home, you can make each moment count. Let me give you a few examples:

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Double Double “Tech” and Trouble: Top Halloween Apps

Posted October 10, 2014

Halloween is fast approaching and it is my favorite time of year! The spookiness of October always excites me. I can’t get enough witches, ghosts and zombies on TV so I decided to look and see what fun I could cook up on my phone. Here are some of the best (and free) apps I found...

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Light, Elevated. [VIDEO]

Posted September 9, 2014

For most people it’s common to walk into a dark house after a long day at work, fumble with the keys, and attempt to turn on that darn light switch with arms full of groceries. Control4 makes this inconvenience a thing of the past for one Sarasota, Florida homeowner with automated lighting.

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Automation Hits the Road

Posted August 8, 2014

As someone who grew up watching Dale Earnhardt Sr. and Jeff Gordon battle on the racetrack every weekend, I always dreamed of buying a motorhome and traveling from state to state watching every NASCAR race throughout the season. When I saw what one race fan from Georgetown, Tennessee did to his 49-foot motor coach, I considered selling everything I own to join him.

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Beam me up, Scotty!

Posted July 7, 2014

The only thing better than having a glass of wine after work is having a glass of wine from your own personal wine cellar collection. One Control4 owner took it a step further and combined his love of Star Trek with his love of wine in his personal wine cellar. This custom cellar is equipped with opaque walls that go from frosted to translucent with a touch of a button from a smart phone or iPad. The door opens and it’s like you’ve transported yourself onto the U.S.S. Enterprise complete with sound effects from the ship. The owner hopes to one day install a retina scanner at the entrance of the cellar to keep out the Klingons, of course.

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What Does a Smart Home Mean to Future Homeowners?

Posted June 6, 2014

Recently, Control4 asked a few future homeowners their thoughts on home automation and what living in a smart home means. We received a lot of great ideas (and a very strong silent treatment) on what features the next generation are looking for in their smart home. Check it out!

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Control4 Named Top 100 MDU Provider

Posted June 6, 2014

When I hear the term “Multi–Dwelling Units,” I think of the not-so-awesome apartment I shared with three of my closest friends in my early years of college. Well, times have changed. Unlike my shabby college apartment building, today’s MDUs are high-end, luxurious and high-tech. As a matter of fact, Forbes recently noted that “super towers” are “the next big thing in luxury housing.” As land becomes less available in many popular and densely populated cities, like New York and Miami, luxury residences are headed skyward. Many property owners, developers and builders are looking to create exclusive condominium and private residence developments that can house many owners with a smaller footprint. These aren’t just condos. In order to appeal to luxury-minded buyers, developers are appealing to potential residents with private elevators, the best furnishings, elite concierge services, stunning views, and technological amenities.

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