Security Packages

Be notified immediately if the doorbell rings, the garage door was left open or the water heater leaks. These security packages will alert you, either immediately or after a specified amount of time, that an event has occurred that needs your attention.


  • Receive a notification if you left the garage door open. Use the Control4 App to open or close the door remotely.
  • Be alerted to a leak in your home the moment it occurs, allowing you to respond quickly.
  • Get a text when your doorbell is pressed, letting you know when guests or packages arrive.
  • Integrate these packages with other Control4 products, including: cameras, door locks, lighting and more; for a truly impressive automated experience.

Garage Package

Be reminded that your garage door was left open while you are headed to work or in the evening when you are turning in for bed. Receive a text alert after a pre-determined amount of time that it has been left open, set it to close on it's own, or remotely close it from the palm of your hand.

Leak Detection Package

A simple leak can wreak havoc on your home if not detected early on. The Water Leak Detection Package can alert you via text the moment a water leak occurs—whether it's a hot water heater, a hot tub or a fish tank—allowing you to respond quickly so you can prevent the leak from doing too much damage.

Doorbell Package

A ring of the doorbell can play notifications throughout the entire house (including the back patio) or a phone call can automatically pause your movie while you answer the phone.

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