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SnapAV + Control4



Today the merger of SnapAV and Control4 has become a reality. We are now a single company. This is exciting news to the industry, to dealers like you, and to your end-customers.

Our goal has always been to make your professional life easier and your business more successful through our commitment to quality, continuous innovation, and best-in-class products and support. Our new company is designed to do just that. Together we can double-down on this commitment and pour even more time, energy, and investment into serving you.

What does this mean for you today?

  • Rely on us for great products and service just as you did yesterday. Your SnapAV and Control4 contacts are still only a phone call away. Both websites remain just a click away. Our combined service team is available via phone, email, and in our local stores. In short, continue working with us just as you have, and know we are here to support you.

  • Trust in Control4 as our smart home platform. Customers expect Control4 homes to be nothing short of excellent, so only authorized Control4 dealers can sell, install and support the product line. The rigorous requirements to achieve authorized status have not changed, nor has our commitment to making Control4 Smart Home OS the world's best smart home platform.

  • Know that we are committed to supporting the products we offer today and in the future. Yes, there are some overlaps in the combined portfolio: Araknis and Pakedge networking, BakPak and OvrC remote management and some Episode and Triad speakers. If we see a need to simplify the lineup, count on us to be conscious of how it would affect your business and your end-customers. Until such a time we continue to stand behind each of these brands. Use whichever fits your business and know that we will continue to support you.

  • Count on your benefits from the rebates, discounts, and programs offered through Control4 and SnapAV to continue. As a combined company we aim to make our award-winning programs even better over time, but for now they are set.

This is Day 1, we are just getting started. As we work to serve you, we commit to growing this industry. We believe in the power of professionally designed and installed smart homes and businesses. We are applying our combined company's scale to invest relentlessly in your success, enabling you to build an even stronger business for delivering incredible experiences to your customers.

What should you expect as a result of this merger?

  • Improved choice & innovation. Your business thrives on having product choice and continuous innovation, and we will provide it. As a combined team, we are commmitted to improving how we listen to and learn from you, so we can determine how to best expand our catalog with more and better solutions for your projects.

  • Easy access to everything you need. We are the company where you can get all the products and support you need for your projects, saving you time and creating more value for your business. We do this through an expansive product catalog of branded and third-party products that are easily ordered online and available through both quick delivery and local distribution.

  • Award-winning support We know that what you do every day can be complex, and we are committed to being your partner in solving hard problems. Our two award-winning service teams have joined together to offer you exceptional sales assistance, technical support and educational resources.

  • Count on your benefits from the rebates, discounts, and programs offered through Control4 and SnapAV to continue.As a combined company we aim to make our award-winning programs even better over time, but for now they are set.

Finally, some of you might be wondering what the new company name will be. On paper our name is SnapAV. But, we are working on a new name for the company that better conveys our passion for innovation, for creating excellent products, services and platforms, and for supporting professionals like you. Stay tuned, a new company name rarely happens overnight.

We will communicate more in the weeks and months ahead, but you can always tell me how we are doing by emailing Until then, you can meet me and some key members of my team in our Day 1 video, and we answer many more questions in the online FAQ.

Welcome to Day 1

John Heyman



Q: What happened today?

A: The merger between Control4 and SnapAV has finalized. The legal, regulatory and financial steps needed to complete the merger have occurred, and the new executive team is in place. This team, led by CEO John Heyman and composed of leaders from both Control4 and SnapAV, will lead an integration to combine the best of our companies into a single organization dedicated to helping dealers build more profitable businesses and provide exceptional experiences for their customers.

Q: Why did SnapAV and Control4 merge?

A: As independent businesses, SnapAV and Control4 focused on excellence through a commitment to quality, continuous innovation, a customer-first approach, and best-in-class products and support. Both have a deep understanding of the custom installation industry and are dedicated to making professional dealers’ and end-customers’ lives easier. Both companies believe the merger is an opportunity to invest in the industry more significantly than ever before.

Now as a single entity, we combine the talent and knowledge of our 1,200+ employees to create a customer-obsessed business that leverages the combined power of our cutting-edge technologies, market-leading solutions, channel platform, global distribution, financial resources, and exceptional service systems. By enabling dealers to better serve their customers, we will accelerate the growing global demand for connected homes and businesses.

Q: How does this change the way dealers do business with SnapAV and Control4 today?

A: It doesn’t. You should keep working with us as you have been. Continue purchasing products and working with our service and support teams as before. Day-to-day operations will occur business as usual. Now that the merger is closed, our teams can begin working together to deliver more innovative products and provide even better service and support. We’ll be sure to keep you informed of exciting new product and program details as they develop.

Q: What is the impact of the merger on existing users of Control4 Smart Homes?

A: The merger does not change anything for end-customers. Over time, they will have access to new products and services through their authorized Control4 Dealer.

Q: Is there a new company name?

A: Not yet. Today we are SnapAV, and Control4 is the brand name of our smart home automation platform. But “AV” feels like just one part of what dealers rely on us to help them deliver. Dealers also rely on us for security and surveillance products, commercial solutions, remote management, lighting, comfort, and automation. We are exploring possible names for this new combined company…something that conveys our passion for innovation, for building excellent products, services and platforms, and for enabling the professionals that install these products to better support their customers. Until we reach a conclusion, we are SnapAV.

Q: Who is Hellman & Friedman and what was their role in the merger?

A: Hellman & Friedman is a private equity firm and long-term, strategic investor known for making large-scale investments in high quality, high-growth businesses for the long haul. They support the strategic and financial objectives of these businesses’ outstanding management teams. Since Hellman & Friedman’s founding in 1984, the firm has raised over $50 billion of committed capital. Hellman & Friedman has played a supportive role in SnapAV’s business decisions and understands what is needed to achieve growth at a rapid pace. Success is best measured over the long-term by taking care of your people, making dealers’ lives easier and bringing fantastic products to life in our customers’ homes and businesses, and Hellman & Friedman unequivocally embraces that approach.

Q: Where will the combined company be headquartered?

A: The combined company will share joint headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Salt Lake City, Utah, with regional offices around the globe.

Q: What happens next?

A: Today is Day 1 of our new company, and we are just getting started! A lot of work lies ahead. As we embark on this journey, we remain committed to providing the same exceptional products, service and support you’ve always received from us. We’ll communicate to you when things are changing, and we’ll continue to listen to what’s important to you. For now, you should continue doing business with us as you have been.






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