Episode HT Series

Welcome to the documentation page for Episode HT and HTR in-room speakers.

Basic install information is below. Use the navigation to access our various installation guides for specific items.

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Episode in-room speakers feature the following:

Rubber Foot Kit

Some in-room speakers do not come with feet attached, as the speakers can be installed either horizontally or vertically. Use the provided template to ensure you place your speaker's feet properly. Ensure that you place the rounded corners of each foot as shown on the template.

Spiked Foot Kit

When installing tower speakers on carpeted floors, use the included spikes for optimal support. Screw the spikes into the bottom of the speaker feet. After placing the speaker upright, adjust the spikes to stabilize the speaker on uneven surfaces.

Port Plugs

When installing a Home Theater Reference speaker in a cabinet or near a wall, the surface behind the rear ports may reinforce the bass frequencies, causing undesirable boom or vibration. To reduce this effect, slide the included foam port plugs by halfway into the ports.