Composer Pro overview

This document is for new Control4 dealers or installers who want to learn how to use Composer Pro in the Control4 Smart Home OS 3.2.4 (OS 3.2.4) or later, or for those who want to keep up with the latest changes. If you are already familiar with Composer Pro, you may only want to know what has changed from the last release. If this is the case, see “What's new in this release” or “Where to go from here” for more advanced information about Composer Pro, and then search for your subjects in the Composer Pro User Guide.

The Control4 system is a combination of Control4 and third-party controllable devices, for example, HDTVs, DVDs, CD players, speakers, home theaters, lights (and so on) that communicate with one another via TCP/IP, infrared (IR), serial, contact, or relay connections.

Composer Professional Edition (Composer Pro) is the software application that Control4 dealers and/or installers use to design and set up a Control4 system project for home automation in a consumer's home or business. The software runs on either a Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, or Windows Vista computer, and provides a powerful graphical interface for object-based programming. When connected to a Control4 controller, the project's information is then communicated to Director on the controller. Director, in turn, uses the configuration information and device drivers to communicate to the devices in the home automation system.

Note: Composer Pro 3.0 is not compatible with Windows XP

The sections in this Getting Started document provide basic information and steps for Control4 dealers and installers to become familiar with and start using the Composer Pro interface for initial design and setup of a Control4 system.

Information beyond the basics described in this guide (for intermediate and advanced users of Composer Pro) is provided in the Composer Pro User Guide.