Binary MoIP Installation Guide

Required materials:

  • 1× MoIP transmitter per source

  • 1× MoIP receiver per source

  • 1× MoIP controller B-900-MoIP-4K-CTRL

  • 1× Layer 2 managed switch

  • Sources, displays, HDMI cables, and category cabling

Note: -__.B-960 and B-900 devices cannot pass video to each other. Only audio.

Caution: -.Firmware versions 4.0+ moves MoIP configuration to OvrC. Click here to view the Install Guide for firmware version and below.

Read these tips before you begin

  • Always configure the network first.

  • Connect all MoIP devices to one dedicated switch when possible.

    Note: -__.B-960 configurations must use an Araknis 920 switch.

  • Document the MAC address and Service Tag of the MoIP devices and notate which input or display they’re connected to.

  • Perform available firmware updates.

  • Configure the system using OvrC’s MoIP System Management, found under the Configure tab of the MoIP controller.

  • Use downmixing transmitters for installations using a mix of AV receiver and stereo zones.

  • Disable power-saving settings on connected devices to help maintain the video stream.

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