Firmware release notes

Version 1.1.05

This firmware release adds functionality for flawless MoIP v3 operation, enabled setting static routes from the management VLAN, added functionality for future uplink modules, and general bug fixes.


  • Set the Acceptable Frame Type default value to Untagged Only.

  • Fast Leave is now configurable on a per port basis.

  • Updated the password prompt to include an upper case letter, lower case letter, numeric character, and special character.


  • Multicast Management Frames were sent to all ports. They now only send to MRouter ports.

  • Resolved an issue where we were unable to get 25G/50G link speed using a 100G module.

  • Fixed an issue where setting a manual IP on IP Interface Configuration gave a bad request.

  • Resolved an issue where you'd lose access to the user interface when setting the routing interface to DHCP on the MGMT VLAN.

  • EXC_default_list now appears under AdvancedACL Rules and can be deleted.

  • Fixed an issue where restoring a configuration file would not work.

  • Fixed an issue where defaulting the switch would revert to a previous configuration instead of the factory defaults.

Version 1.1.03

  • Initial release