Control4 System User Guide

Using Anywhere Access: Web

Use MyControl4 to log into, view, and change your Control4 system using Anywhere Access: Web. Anywhere Access: Web is supported on OS 2.5.0 or later.

This service requires a 4Sight subscription and a MyControl4 account (consumers).


To view your system in Anywhere Access: Web:

  1. Open an Internet browser, and go to
  2. At Login, log in using the email address and password you and your dealer set up, and then click Login.
  3. In My House, click Connect Now.



Multiple controllers:



Flash view with HTML link:



HTML view:




HTML view with controller list:




Tip: OS 2.0 and earlier than OS 2.5.0. While in the Flash view, you can jump to the HTML view by clicking the HTML version link (lower right corner of the Flash screen). Likewise, if you're in the HTML view, click Flash version (lower left corner) to jump back to the Flash view.


Note: You cannot access an Internet music service, 4Store, or My Apps from the Flash view. Go to a touch screen or on-screen Navigator to use most of those services.


Click Close to close the Flash view.



Lighting - Turn lights on or off, and set dimming levels.

Security - Changing security codes and toggles is dependent on the type of security device you have in the system.

Climate - View or change the following for the HVAC system:

- View the current temperature, set points, mode status, or fan status.

- Change the Set Heat point by clicking the + or - icons.

- Change the Set Cool point by clicking the + or - icons.

- Change the Mode by clicking Auto, Heat, Cool, or Off.

- You can also change a variety of Hold options (Hold: Permanent tab) from the Thermostat's device controls.

Motorization & Sensors - View or change the following:

- Sensor Status - View the status of each sensor.

- Motorization Status - View or change the motorization status.

- Relay - To open or close the relay, click the relay's icon.


If you've made any changes, click the reload devices button (top right of the screen next to the X) to save your changes.


  1. Click X to close Anywhere Access: Web. For more information, have your dealer get you a copy of the MyHome Setup Guide for Homeowners or see the Customers > Products  page on

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