Control4 System User Guide


You can view and change rooms in your Control4® system. When you change rooms, you can view and manage the devices installed in those rooms. The current room always displays in the middle at the top of the screen (shown below).


Note: Only the Icons appear on the room's Home page for devices in a room or associated with a room. For example, the Bathroom may not have any use for the Watch or Listen icons because there are no audio or video devices installed in that room; consequently, they will not appear if you select Bathroom. All Control4 Wireless Thermostats, however, appear on all Navigators.


Use the touch screens, MyHome apps, or on-screen Navigator's Home page to view the current room that you want to control. To change rooms, see Change Rooms. Note: The following page appears on a touch screen or MyHome app. A slightly different format appears on the on-screen Navigator.



To turn one room off (when playing music in more than one zone) or all rooms off, see Media Zones.

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