Control4 System User Guide


Use the Control4® system Listen > Receiver icon on your Navigators to change how you listen to music through your receiver.


Note: If you’re using the new Sony STR-DA2800ES/DA5800ES Receiver, you can use the receiver’s interface, Listen > Network, or More > Sony Settings to control the receiver. In addition, you can go into Composer Pro to configure for Control4 Automation. See Sony STR Receiver. Also check with your dealer for details.


Check with your Control4 Installer to ensure that the correct devices are attached to your Control4 system to listen to music.


To receive output from the receiver:

  1. From your Navigator's Home page, select Listen > Receiver.
  2. The next screen displays the surround-sound modes. Select the mode you want to use.


Note: The screen may vary on a touch screen, MyHome app, and on-screen Navigator.


The mode buttons appear according to the receiver model you have; they reflect the buttons on your receiver.


Example: Select Surround Mode to adjust the speakers.

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