Control4 System User Guide

Radio Stations

Use the Control4® system Listen > Stations icon on your Navigators to listen to AM, FM or XM music.


Tip: Control4 recommends that you use the Stations icon to access your music rather than the Tuner or Tuner XM icons. A Favorites icon works well too.


Note: Internet radio (via an MP3, MP4, or other stream) is supported in OS 2.0 and later, but your dealer or installer must configure it for you. Check with your dealer for details.


Check with your Control4 installer to ensure that the correct devices are attached to your Control4 system to listen to music, and that the stations you want to use appear in the Navigator.


To listen to a radio station, use the Stations icon:

  1. From your Navigator's Home page, select Listen.
  2. Select Stations. The station name, location, call number, source, and station type appear. Note: The following screen may vary on a touch screen, MyHome app, and on-screen Navigator. The following figure shows the display on a touch screen.



  1. Select one of the following:

Note: When the stations lists appear (from various sources, such as AM/FM, XM, Satellite, and so on), you can use the sort, list, or grid views to view your items. Use the scrollbar if the list is long.


Note: This may be set up in your device's Presets, or you can have your dealer change the Composer properties for the station. You can create your own genre if desired by choosing the genre, and then choosing the station.



To add a room to the radio stations:

See Media Zones for details.

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