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Programmable Buttons

Work with your Control4® Dealer to program buttons on your Navigators. These programmable buttons are used most widely used to control your audio and video devices (TV, DVD, disc changer, tuner, and so on).


You can program specific buttons to perform individual tasks; the examples below show the colored buttons you or your installer can program.


Example: The green button on the remote (see below) can jump directly to Channel 150 and dim the lights in the home theater, or you can assign the blue button to jump to another favorite channel, an Internet music channel, or a movie on the DVD player while turning the lights off.


System Remote Control Programmable (Colored) Buttons:



Touch screens, MyHome Apps, or on-screen Navigator's Programmable (Colored) Buttons for a Plasma TV:



Consider the following before you decide to program your buttons:

  1. What do you want to assign to the colored buttons? These are usually the first buttons you program on your System Remote Control or other Navigators.
  2. If some actions take many steps to complete, create a button for those actions to save time, or have your installer program them for you.
  3. The colored buttons are device specific. You can have your installer assign two (2) different programs per button if the devices are different.


Example:  Assign the red button to change the channel on the TV when you're using your TV, and have the same button assigned to Skip Forward when you're using your DVD player.


  1. You can assign the */. or #/- buttons to a specific action too. These buttons are at the bottom of the remote.
  1. Do you want other buttons programmed by room, for example, keypad buttons?
  2. Make a list of the buttons you want to change, and what you want them to do. Note what each button does for future reference.
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