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Use the Control4® system Listen > Now Playing icon on your Navigators to view the details of what's currently playing and change to a different song or album. This does the same thing as if you pressed to play a song on the Media Dashboard. Use My Music to add your music, create a music queue, and create a playlist.


Ensure that you can play music throughout your Control4 system. Your Control4 dealer or installer can help you set it up.


To view what's currently playing:

  1. From your Navigator, select Listen > Now Playing. This example shows the details of a Rhapsody song (your digital collection view varies from this view). Note: You can view what's currently playing in the Media Dashboard; also, the viewing area is different for an on-screen Navigator. The following figure shows the display on a touch screen.



  1. Check the current song, album, and artist along with the cover art (if it exists).
  2. Select another song or album to play from the list of buttons on the left side (the song can be either from your digital audio collection or from your Internet music service, depending on what's playing). See Digital Audio (My Music for details.
  3. To stop what's currently playing see Listen.
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