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My Music Icon

Use the Control4® system Listen > My Music icon on your Navigators to control your digital audio collections or Internet music.



(1) Control4 recommends that you use the My Music icon to get to your favorite albums and songs quickly (rather than using the CD or other Listen-related icons).

(2) The HC-1000 supports 7200 albums.

(3) You can have your dealer or installer set up scheduled scanning. That way, when you add new files you'll know when the scheduled scanning takes place and when your new music is available in My Music.



(1) Local playlists cannot be combined with Rhapsody playlists (in Rhapsody); however, Rhapsody playlists can be added to My Music playlists.

(2) The music lookup service is Gracenote®.


Other Media Managers. You can use other media managers, for example, iTunes, Windows Media player, and Media Monkey to create MP3s.


  1. Ensure that your Control4 installer has added and configured the devices you will be using to listen to and manage music in your Control system.
  2. Ensure that your installer has added your playlists using Composer or the Navigators.


To play songs in My Music:

First, scan your audio files from a network drive, hard drive, or from CDs. You'll need Composer ME or Composer HE to do that. Your installer can create a valid audio path for you if desired. After the scan, you can play your songs and albums.


To access My Music:

  1. From your Navigator, select the Listen > My Music icon. The following figures show the display on a touch screen.



  1. Select the albums or songs to play from the list of options:

  1. View the 'Now Playing' screen (see next figure) with the song, album, artist, and cover art displayed.

    1. Select My Albums.

    2. Select the album, the song, and then select Play Now or Add to Queue. You can play an album or add it to the queue, play single songs or add singles to the queue.

  2. Use the Media Dashboard (touch screens or MyHome apps only) or the System Remote Control (on-screen Navigator only) to skip ahead, skip back, pause, adjust the volume, or stop the music.


Tip: Use the Media Zones (touch screens or MyHome apps only) or the Listen > Zones icons to add rooms to music zones.


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