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Favorites and Custom Buttons


Favorites are 'shortcuts' to select pages in the Control4® touch screens, MyHome (PCs or Macs), or on-screen Navigator. Favorites let you get to your shortcut quickly. You can add shortcuts and folders to your Favorites menu.


Use the Control4 system Star button on the touch screen or MyHome Navigator or the Edit Favorites icon (touch screens, MyHomePC, or on-screen Navigator) to access Navigator pages you use often (More > Settings > Edit Favorites).


You can use favorites:


Example: If you want your IP Camera to appear in all Navigators, you must create a favorite for that IP Camera in each Navigator, and then your Installer can program the cameras in Composer Pro.



  1. You cannot create a favorite for every page in the Navigator.
  2. You can get to the Favorites lists also from More > Settings > Edit Favorites.
  3. Favorites is not supported on MyHome apps for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, or Android.


  1. Ensure that your Control4 installer has added and identified your devices to your Control4 system.
  2. Ensure that your touch screens, MyHomePC, or on-screen Navigators are displaying the devices properly.


To add or view a favorite:

  1. From most pages, you'll see the Star button (top bar) on the supported Navigators. Go to the page you want to add a favorite to (for example, My Music, rooms, and so on).
  2. Select the Star button. On the Favorites page, select Add Favorite to create a new shortcut.
  3. When the Add Favorites page appears, add or change the information in the boxes and drop-down menus as needed.




Tip: To create a new folder, go to More > Settings > Edit Favorites.


  1. Select Save.

The favorite appears in the list when you select the Star button, and then the folder.

  1. Select Close.


To edit a favorite:

  1. Select More > Settings > Edit Favorites to view the list of favorites.

  2. Select the Edit icon (right side) next to the favorite or folder to rename. If in a folder, open the folder, and then select the icon next to the favorite.

  3. Select Name. When the on-screen keyboard appears, type a new name.

  4. Select Done.

  5. Change the other options as needed (see Step 3 in the previous procedure).

  6. Select Save.

  7. Select Close.


To create a folder for your favorites:

  1. Select More > Settings > Edit Favorites.

  2. In the Favorites page, select Add Folder.

  3. Select Title. When the keyboard appears, type a new name.

  4. Select Done.

  5. In Folder, select the folder.

  6. Select Save.

  7. If you have any favorites to add to a folder that doesn't exist, select the edit icon.

  8. Under Folder, select the new folder, and then select Save.

  9. Select Close.


To sort your favorites and folders in the Favorites menu:

  1. Select More > Settings > Edit Favorites to view the list of favorites.

  2. Select the item to move.

  3. Select the up or down arrows at the top of the page to change the positions of your favorites.


To use macros with favorites:

Note: Your dealer or installer must add a Macros agent in Composer Pro or Composer HE first.


  1. On the touch screen, MyHomePC, or on-screen Navigator home page, create the desired favorite.
  2. Select the Star button, or select More > Settings > Edit Favorites.
  3. Create the favorite.
  4. In the Macros drop-down menu, select the macro to use.
  5. Select Save.


To delete a favorite or folder:

  1. Select More > Settings > Edit Favorites to view the list of favorites.
  2. Select the edit icon next to the favorite or folder to delete, and then select Delete.
  3. Select Close.


Custom Buttons

You can display Custom Buttons on your touch screens, MyHome apps, or on-screen Navigators. Up to six (6) Custom Buttons can be created in each corner of the screen; that's 24 buttons total. The appearance and location of these buttons varies among the Navigators.


To create Custom Buttons:


The next figure shows what Custom Buttons look like when configured on a touch screen (see the text in each corner 'Lights,' 'Blinds,' 'Misc.' 'Security'). From each button, you can select from a drop-down list to other buttons; for example, you can set lighting buttons for Vacation, Leave, Night, All Off, and so on.


Simply select one of the buttons to go to that favorite screen or initiate a specific action, for example, 'Lights' to turn specific lights on in the house.



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