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Media Zones

Use the Control4® system Zones icon on your Navigators to set up and manage Media Zones (also known as zones). Zones let you add rooms that have audio devices in them, for example Speaker Point devices located in several rooms or a Multi-Channel Amplifier wired to several rooms.


Example: You can add a room to a zone where music is already playing or play separate music in each zone.


Note: Videos or movies cannot be used with media zones; only audio.


Access Media Zones (see below) on your touch screen or MyHome app's media dashboard (or select Listen > Zones from the on-screen Navigator).



  1. Check with your installer to ensure that the correct devices are attached to your Control4 system to listen to music, and that your music zones are set up.
  2. Ensure that your installer has set up music from the network in Composer Pro.
  3. Set up an audio stream as explained in Digital Audio.


To add rooms to a media zone:

  1. From the media dashboard, select the Media Zones button, or select Listen > Zone.
  2. The zones and their rooms are displayed. From here, you can:


The example below shows what you'd see if you selected Listen, and then selected the Media Zones icon from the media dashboard. Note: The following page appears on a touch screen. A slightly different format appears on the on-screen Navigator.



  1. To add a room to a zone, in the Navigator, go to the source (Example: Listen > My Music > My Artists > "Weird Al" Yankovic > Poodle Hat).
  2. Select the Media Zones (touch screens or MyHome apps only) or Listen > Zones icons, and then select Add Rooms. The Add Rooms screen displays the rooms and the audio or video devices attached to those rooms.



  1. Choose the following:

All Rooms - Select to add all zones to all applicable rooms.

'Room' Checkbox - Select to add a room to the currently-playing zone.

Floor - Select to add only the rooms on a specific floor.

Rooms - Select to add all rooms on the selected floor to the currently-playing zone.

  1. Adjust the volume of each zone as needed.
  2. Select Ok or Cancel.


To remove a room from a zone:

From Media Zones or  Listen > Zones, select the Power Off icon next to the desired room.


To stop playing music in a zone:

Select the Off button from the media dashboard or the Power icon in the Zones page. This powers off the CD player or stops playing the song, and the media dashboard disappears.


To turn off all zones:

From your Zones screen, next to All Zones select the Power Off icon.


Tip: You can also have your dealer create a Media Scene for you. A Media Scene combines all zones into one to play the same music from the same source.

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