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Media Dashboard

From the touch screen or MyHome app, use the Control4® system Media Dashboard (a quick and easy way to manage movies/videos or listen to music) to control your audio, video and other devices. The most common buttons that you're accustomed to using on your audio or video devices  (Play, Pause, Volume, and so on) appear on the dashboard.


Note: The media dashboard displays in an on-screen Navigator, but it is used to view what's currently playing only.


For your convenience, the dashboard appears at the bottom of the Navigator when music plays or when you're watching movies or videos.


Example: If you're playing a CD, the media dashboard displays the CD's control buttons and what song is currently playing. If you change to another audio or video device, (such as a DVD player) that device's controls appear. Additionally, you can perform other tasks in the dashboard while a CD is playing or someone in your household is watching a movie.


Select the buttons in the media dashboard as needed (Start, Stop, Power Off, Fast Forward, Volume, and so on). Use the Power button to close the dashboard and stop playing the music or movie.


The following example dashboard shows a song, its controls, and Zones icons. Note: The following example dashboards appear on a touch screen or MyHome app. A slightly different format appears on the on-screen Navigator.





  1. Use Device Controls also in the Navigators to manage your devices if they appear.
  2. Press and hold the Previous and Next buttons to scan forward and back.
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