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Use the Control4® system Listen > My Music icon on your Navigators to populate your list and listen to your stored audio music collections (digital music, CD, Internet music, USB drive, and so on), music from audio zones, or audio-only devices (iPod, CD player, or CD changer). You can then use the Now Playing icon to manage your music.


You can access My Music from Listen.


Digital audio lets you:


  1. Check with your Control4 installer to ensure that the correct devices are attached to your Control4 system to listen to music.
  2. Have your installer access your MP3, MP4, or other music files from the network, hard drive, or CD to create a valid audio path, or you can scan music using Composer HE or Composer ME.


To browse your digital audio library and play songs:

  1. From your Navigator's Home page, select Listen.
  2. Select My Music. Note: The following screen may vary on a touch screen, MyHome app, and on-screen Navigator. The following figure shows the display on a touch screen.



  1. Select your audio stream using one of these categories to play now or add to your queue:


Note: If you use a USB drive to play songs, and the artist or album is not specified, a series of 0s and numbers may appear in place of the artist and album titles. This is standard behavior. You can change the title, artist or album information through Composer HE or Composer ME.


Notice that the Media Dashboard appears also (touch screens or MyHome apps only). Select the + icon on the media dashboard or in zones to turn up the volume. You can also have your dealer program a button on the keypad to turn the volume up or down using taps.


To add a song to My Playlists:

Select My Queue > Save Playlist.


To add a song to the queue:

  1. In My Artists, select the artist, album, genre to add.
  2. Select the Add to Queue icon (next to the Play icon). The songs appear in My Queue.


To view the details of an album:

  1. Choose My Artists or My Albums as described in Step 3 previously.

  2. View the album's details. You can play the album or add it to the queue from here also.


To view what's currently playing by genre, artist, and so on:

When you select a song or album, the following information displays


To add music to a zone:

  1. Select Zones. See Media Zones.

  2. Add a room to the music.


To add an Internet music playlist to My Music:

  1. Log in to the Internet music site.
  2. Select the song to add to your Control4 playlist.
  3. Select to play the song.
  4. Select My Queue and Save Playlist.
  5. Select Control4 Playlist.
  6. Select My Music.
  7. Select My Playlists.
  8. Choose the playlist to add the song to.
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