Control4 System User Guide

Customize Your System

Control4 provides ways to customize your Control4® system.


  1. Use the Control4 Navigators (touch screens, MyHome apps, and so on) to customize the look and feel on your Navigators. Your installer can show you how to use the Navigators, or see Navigation.
  2. Create a Custom Home Page for your Navigators.
  3. Use Composer Home Edition (HE) to change simple system configurations (sold separately) or add media. For details, talk to your dealer, see Composer HE or the System Quick Start Guide.
  4. Use Composer Media Edition (ME) to add media to your Control4 system. Talk to your dealer or installer for details or see the System Quick Start Guide.
  5. Ask your installer to help you customize or fine tune your system in other ways. They might have some great ideas to share with you.
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