Control4 System User Guide

Custom Home Pages

Use the Control4® Navigators to create a Custom Home page to display on your Navigators.


With Custom Home you can


Note: You can create and use only one 'Circle of Power' or 'Grid' view Custom Home page at a time. The Circle of Power view originates from the Favorites folder and Grid view. See Custom Pages Templates for details.


Ensure that your devices and Navigators have been added and identified to the Control4 system. Your Control4 dealer or installer can help you.


To create a Custom Home page:

Use the Custom Home Template wizard to create your customized page.

  1. From the Navigator Home page, select More.
  2. Select Settings > Custom Home. Notes: (1) The following screen appears on a touch screen or MyHomePC. A slightly different format appears on the on-screen Navigator. (2) Custom Home is not supported on MyHome apps for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, or Android, but it is supported in the MyHomePC app.



  1. Using the following drop-down menus (if provided) to create your Custom Home page:



      1. If you select Favorite, an Edit Selection button displays. If you select this option, your Favorites menu appears. From here, you can select custom buttons, and then press Select. Alternatively, if you select Custom Home, the Edit Menu Items button appears.

      2. The Control4 default Home template cannot be changed.

      3. If you select Custom Home, an Edit Menu Items button displays and then the Custom Home Items page.




      1. To add a new button to your current list of Custom Home Items, select Add Button. You can add four (4) to 10 items.
      2. Change the following options for the new button as needed.
        • Title - The Navigator selects the title based on where you are. To keep this title, don't do anything.


To change the title, select it. Use the virtual keyboard (see below) to type the name of the icon to add, and then select Done. Note: The name is limited to eight (8) to 10 characters, depending on the length of the character (for example, an 'M' uses more space). Otherwise, the text does not display correctly.



        • Icon - Select an icon using the drop-down list to identify the icon graphic to use.

        • Search - Select Control4 Favorites or My Favorites, and then select the Favorite (see below) to locate and add a favorite to your Home page.
        • Favorite - Keep the default, or select a different favorites folder to add, and then select Add. Select Close.
      1. To edit or change a button, in Custom Home Items (see previous screen), select the Edit icon (right side) for the button you want to change. Use the Add Button dialog (see below) to make your changes.
      2. Change the following buttons as needed in the list. For each button, see Step 3c above.



  1. Select Save.
  2. Select Save again.
Note: You cannot delete a Custom Home page. If you don't want to use it, don't select it to display. You can always select the Control4 Home page, and then select Never for the time-out if you don't want to use your Custom Home page.

Tip: To know when you’re in your Custom Home page versus the default Control4 Home page, you‘ll see a red Control4 logo in the left corner. Select this logo to go to the Control4 Home page; select it again to return to your Custom Home page.


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