Control4 System User Guide

CDs and CD (Disc) Changers

Use the Control4® system Listen > Browse CDs or Disc Changer icon on your Navigators to listen to CDs from a CD changer. The following figures show the display on a touch screen.





Ensure that your Control4 installer attaches the correct devices to your Control4 system and that your CDs are available to listen to from a CD changer.


To add CDs to your collection:

  1. Ask your installer to scan your CDs for you, or you can use Composer HE or Composer ME to add them yourself. You can do this from your CD changer.
  2. After the CDs are scanned to the system, select Listen > Browse CDs.
  3. Select the Add CD icon (next to the list and grid icons) to add CDs to the Navigator.
  4. Type the information requested in the boxes, and select Save.



To listen to a CD from the CD changer:

  1. Select Listen > Browse CDs.



  1. Choose a CD from the following categories. The CDs are listed with cover art:
  2. Select the Play button, or press Play below the cover art.


To use the media dashboard:

  1. Select Listen.
  2. Select the device that contains the CDs, for example, CD Changer. The media dashboard appears.

  3. Select the CD you want to listen to from your collection (see steps above).

  4. Use the media dashboard to play, pause, skip forward, volume, power off, and so on.


To stop listening to a CD see Listen.


To edit a CD's properties:

  1. You can edit your album’s information by selecting Listen > Browse CDs > Albums.
  2. Select the album.

  3. Select Details. The Details page lists the album name, genre, record label, artists, year, location, and description.

  4. Select the Edit Info link on that page.




  1. On the Edit Info page, change the options as needed. Select each box to open the on-screen keyboard and make your changes.



  1. Select Done at the on-screen keyboard when you’re finished.

  2. Select Save.


To delete a CD:

  1. You can delete CDs by following Steps 1 and 2 in “To edit a CD’s properties” above.

  2. Select Edit Info.

  3. Select Remove.

  4. Confirm that you want to remove the CD.


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