Composer HE User Guide

Using external storage devices

You can access digital music from an external storage device attached to your Control4® system. External storage devices include USB flash drives, USB external hard drives, or a PC’s drive located on the home network.


Using Composer HE, you can set up your external storage device and networked file storage as described in this topic.


Note: If you disconnect and remove the external drive (network-attached storage, USB, etc.), the music is no longer available. To access the music again, reattach and add the external storage device,  and then refresh the Navigators.


  1. Ensure that your external storage device has been added to the Composer project and identified. Your dealer or installer can help you do that.
  2. External storage devices must have media stored in unprotected MP3, WMA, MP4, FLAC, or AAC formats.


To attach and scan external storage devices using a USB connection:

  1. Power on the external storage device.
  2. Use the documentation provided with your controller to attach the external storage device to the USB port.

  3. When you connect the external storage device, scan the music residing on that device so that the music is available to the Control4 system.

  4. Click the Media view.

  5. In the tree view, select the external storage device.

  6. Click Scan. The media residing on the external storage device is available in the Control4 system.


Note: You can add media from the external storage device when connected to the controller. However, it is recommended that you connect your external drive directly to the PC where you want to copy the media.


When scanning, the media appears when it is located on the controller.


To access and scan network storage devices:


  1. Select the Network File Storage object.


Note: A network storage device must be configured by your dealer or installer using Composer Pro before you can scan it for media on Composer HE.


  1. Click Add or Scan. Note: If your network storage device contains copies of songs and albums, it will scan those also (see below). Ensure that your storage only has one original of the albums and songs or you'll need to delete the duplicates manually in Composer.


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