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Multiroom Audio in a Multi-kid House


Up until a couple of years ago, multiroom audio wasn’t even a concern for our family. That was back in simpler times, when our kids just listened to whatever music we did, or whatever music we told them to listen to. But times have changed.

What Whole Home Audio Means Today


My teenagers keep reminding me how old I am, and my perspective on the topic of whole home audio is very obviously colored by my experience growing up as a teen of the 1980’s. So much has happened in the past 30 years or so to improve the home audio listening experience, it’s easy to forget how far we’ve come.


GEEKING OUT: Converting Music for Digital Playback


With the announcement of the Control4 Wireless Music Bridge, people living the home automation lifestyle saw their music-listening options broaden considerably. An entire universe of streaming music, talk, sports, podcasts and audio books is now available directly through your smart home audio system. But what if you just want to listen to <i>your</i> music? Whether you’re putting your music on a network drive or on a mobile device, it’s easy to get lost in the weeds when it comes to picking the right format for digital audio files.


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