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Take FLAC for Premium Sounding Music!


Whether setting the mood at a party, providing background noise while doing chores, playing at ear-splitting levels while Risky-Business-dancing around the house in your underwear, or focusing on a favorite recording while seated in the exact center of the audio sweet spot, music is a daily part of many people’s lives. Unfortunately, most people are doing it all wrong when it comes to music streaming...

Customizing your pad

By Amber Mansfield

Sure, this multi-button keypad can control a virtually unlimited number of lighting devices, but if you are using your keypad for only the lights, you’re missing out on a slew of possibilities! Any button can be programmed to control any aspect of your automated home. Take a look at these 9 ideas that will get your creative juices flowing!



By Crystal Watts

I can’t coin myself an audiophile. While it’s true that I absolutely love music and will listen to anything from Dean Martin to Radiohead, deciphering between good and stellar audio quality isn’t quite my gig. Well, at least I didn’t think it was. This week...


Merry Melodies for Smart Home Streaming

By Crystal Watts

Because so many of you enjoyed the tunes we hand-picked for your trick-or-treaters and party-goers, we figured we'd take the work out of finding a holiday playlist for you as well.


Halloween Harmonies for Smart Home Streaming

By Crystal Watts

...So it seemed fitting that with Halloween just a few nights away, we give you quick-access to some streaming stations that we have cherry-picked for you—all complete with scary (or fun) sounds and songs to play for your door-to-door tricksters or party-goers. Here are a few soundtracks and playlists from Pandora, Rhapsody, TIDAL & TuneIn—sorry Deezer-lovers, the service isn’t available in the states just yet, so we weren’t able to help with your playlist picking, but I’m sure you’ll find some good picks below!


Listen Up: Control4 is Packing a Musical Punch

By Crystal Watts

My husband and I have our respective can’t-live-without features in our Control4 smart home. But the one thing we share a common love for is the whole home audio system. We are definitely a family driven by the beat of a tune. That's why I'm beyond excited to share some cool news with you today.


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