Safe, Smart, and Spooky with Control4: audio, chime, halloween, outdoor audio, security, whole home audio,

Safe, Smart, and Spooky with Control4

By Christine Hunsaker

Have a safe and spooky halloween with a little Smart Home magic from Control4!

Automate the Outdoors

By Christine Hunsaker

After a long winter spent cooped up inside, spring and summer are prime time to take advantage of warmer weather to relax or entertain. With Control4, you can create the same kind of seamlessly automated and integrated experience outside that you already enjoy indoors. The sky is literally the limit to what you can add to your exterior spaces to fully customize and tailor them to your lifestyle, from outdoor rated TV’s, immersive landscape speakers, and the ability to telecommute from your backyard with robust networking capabilities. Keep reading to dive deeper into all the products that can be combined to create your ideal outdoor space.



By Jamie Corpuz

While the idea of a night spent under the stars with one of your favorite TV shows is undeniably appealing, if you don’t do a bit of homework first, you may end up overspending, or worse still, creating safety hazards — and insurance liabilities — in your own backyard.


Showroom Spotlight: A Sunset (Boulevard) Showroom


Malibu Wired has been behind some of the most outrageous smart home projects in the LA market, delivering dream systems day in and day out.


A Show-Stopping Showroom: Georgia Home Theater


New homeowners want to establish their own style in a new space, and long-standing residents want to inject some fun with a home renovation.


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