​It's time to make a big impression: home smart home, multiroom audio, speakers, whole home audio,

​It's time to make a big impression

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Great home audio is amazing to have. Episode Impression speakers are scientifically designed for a tremendously lifelike whole-home audio experience while adhering to room aesthetics.

Take FLAC for Premium Sounding Music!


Whether setting the mood at a party, providing background noise while doing chores, playing at ear-splitting levels while Risky-Business-dancing around the house in your underwear, or focusing on a favorite recording while seated in the exact center of the audio sweet spot, music is a daily part of many people’s lives. Unfortunately, most people are doing it all wrong when it comes to music streaming...


Giving “House Music” a New Meaning


There are a variety of ways to pipe music around the twenty-first century home. You could get a massive boombox, crank it to 11, and stand in your foyer all John Cusack Say Anything style. You could snag a bunch of cheap clock radios on Amazon, carefully tune them all to the same station and volume, and then enjoy some sweet (and nostalgic!) FM as you move about the house. You could carefully scatter Bluetooth speakers in different rooms and then play a fun little technology game called “How far is 33 feet away?” Or you could go with a professionally designed and installed audio system carefully crafted to maximize the performance for each listening area. ​If the last approach sounds like the way you like to roll, then read on to learn what kinds of primo audio experiences you can create in different areas of your home!


Multiroom Audio in a Multi-kid House


Up until a couple of years ago, multiroom audio wasn’t even a concern for our family. That was back in simpler times, when our kids just listened to whatever music we did, or whatever music we told them to listen to. But times have changed.


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